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Monday, July 10, 2006

Yesterday on my way to and from chandigarh i finished reading 'Prey' by Michael Crichton and 'To cut a long story short' by Jeffery Archer ( Devesh was considerate enough to lend them to me).
First; Prey (363 pages) : The novel was extremely gripping; taking on the issue of nanotechnology. It begins as a normal household story; where the roles were inverted- the computer-cum-biology geek husband was a househusband (the aftermath of a sack) and the wife employed.
But as we proceed, the happenings go gory -swarms of killer micro-robots (microbots) are on the loose in the desert and are feeding on organic matter- including living animals.Whats worse; they are evolving and multiplying at a stupendous rate, and for all practical purposes, are alive. Jack (the husband) is consulted; for the microbots are based on PREDPRAY code hat he helped develop before he was sacked. Hence begins the quest for killing the swarms; which opens up all new deceptions, throwing up some shrewd secretes underlying the microbots.
All in all; a very readable book.

The other book, 'To cut a long story short' (419 pages), was a collection of short stories by Jeferry Archer.
It contains 15 stories, and all of them are about average in content. 'Death Speaks' is an old fable which almost everybody must have read somewhere or the other (Archer acknowledges it), 'The expert witness', 'Crime pays' and 'The grass is always greener' were easily the best among the lot.
Timepass stuff.

sh**....why did France have to lose after coming this far???

Sunday, July 09, 2006

To chandigarh and back...

Things never turn out the way you expect them to.
Having pursued engineering as my graduation subject for the past two years, i now feel a strong inclination towards economics instead.
Still; there are some engneering "must attend" councellings left. Though both of us (me and my dad) knew from the outset that this was only to be a waste of time, it was a trip we had to make nonetheless. Today was the joint councelling for Punjab engineering college and a couple of other ones in chandigarh. So we started off from the Gurgaon bus stand at 6:30 in a Volvo (swank as compared to the DTCs i am used to) The bus was quite comfortable; and i had my dad in my ear all the time reciting every bit of history that may ever have occured in the hallowed lands of haryana and purani dilli, which was fun. The bus had a 21' television and ,to my horror, they played a movie called "ek rishtaa" (amitabh bachchan, akshay kumar..) which they supported by full-blast speakers; so that you wont miss all the action ( read: rona-dhona, kasme-vaade, parampara stuff) even if you desperately craved to.
We reached chandigarh bus stand at around 1'o clock; and arrived at the councelling venue (the punjab uni auditorium) well in time; only to see that even at aieee a.i.r 7000, all the seats were filled except for civil and metallurgical.
Me being a fickle 8243 ranker wouldnt get anything, and so we went off. But we knew that from the beginning. Still we had come because i had nothing better to do at home and daddy cool had some official work.
As per the plan, i was to return alone; dad had to stay there overnight (and i had no intention of getting my pants bored off me). So after loitering for a while at the sec-17 market, i went back to the bus stand and was struck by a wave of intelligence..what if i go by a haryana roadways instead; and save around rs. 300 for myself?? This proved to be a good decision in the end; and led to an interesting encounter with an ex-iitian..which made me want to study eco all the more....

Though nowhere near the Volvo, the HRC bus was okay; owing to the cloud cover. And for a companion i got a boy/man (couldnt place him then; he could have been anywhere between 18 and 25). The bus first stopped at a funny named place- peepli-and that was where this man asked me where was i coming from (his voice reminded me fondly of robin keshav; but that was strictly where all the similarities end; and for good.) Having known that i was coming from the pec councelling, he told me that even he had gone there for his bro (a.i.r. 7845) ..and returned blank as i had. The conversation, dominated by him, punctuated by my grunts and nods, went to him. He was a graduate from iit-kharagpur; and worked for ibm.Still; i didnt envy him. his look suggested he barely had enough to eat ...most modest clothing (more modest than required; his clothing suggested penury!)..and the overall personality comparable to that of a doodhwala. All the way till murthal (near sonipat; famous for its dhabas) i had to endure his running commentary (which he made between mouthfuls of haldiram moong dal) on all the colleges there might be in the world and all the obscure branches they may offer.
Murthal was where his moong dal ended; and he decided to sleep ( to my relief ). (Not that i mean any disrespect to iitians; but this particular sample was hard to comprehend.)
Another thing worth mentioning is that just how many dhabas there are in haryana! Ranging from the usual Sher-e-punjab dhaba to zhilmil mata devi vaishno dhaba there seemed to be more dhabas than people to eat at them. was the feel of home as we neared dhaula kuan. i was hungry; having eaten nothing but three bags of lays and two cokes since the morning (if mr. jitender rajput , my instructor, comes to know of this, i am dead. He being a good friend of my cousin, has taken it as a personal conquest to see that i lose a couple of kilos before starting college..and lays and cokes are forbidden stuff..but then; who cares? ) Some twenty minutes later , i got down at iffco chowk and called a friend to pick me up. i was finally home at around 9, and after having my plentiful, decided to write this blog.
awww..its been a long day; and with the football final coming up, i must catch an hour of sleep...